About Us

TigerJython is not simply some software you can use to write and compile code. Behind it is a team and a philosophy. We pursue the idea that everyone can learn programming, and that is both using a professional “real” programming language, which is used in the “real world,” and with didactic considerations that allow a playful approach.

To this end, the TJ Group constantly advances TigerJython, creates teaching material and tutorials, and offers help for problems.


The Team behind TigerJython

The TJ Group is a community of people who promote computer science education in compulsory and tertiary schools by actively participating in the discourse on the didactics and methodology of education with a focus on programming with Python.

  • The TJ Group provides teaching materials and programming tools that can be used free of charge for public teaching and private use. The programming tools include a development environment for Python.
  • It supports teachers who teach computer science as a subject in its own right or who teach programming in the context of another subject.
  • It provides a platform for members to exchange ideas, experiences and materials related to teaching computer science and helps them with problems related to teaching Python and the learning environment TigerJython.

Members have special access to non-public source code and other internal resources. They can make suggestions (feature requests) for further developments or participate themselves.


Executive Board

  • Jarka Arnold

  • Tobias Kohn
    Vice President

  • Dennis Komm

  • Nicole Roth

Contact Details

TJ Group
Walchstrasse 20
3073 Gümligen


Want to support us?

There are numerous possibilities to help us with our work, for instance with becoming a member of TJ Group. If you are interested, please contact us via email.



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TJ Group

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TJ Group
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